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and overcoming loss

The loss of a loved one often leaves us feeling empty, lost and alone even when we are surrounded by people who care. We can be stifled with affection and yet feel like we are trapped and alone on an island. Conflicting emotions can feel like a roller coaster making our hearts race, feel dizzy, scared and quite frankly we just want this terrifying ride to stop…  

The cycle of grief includes many emotions and feelings as we move through each stage. Many questions and answers may never have been answered leaving us stuck and unable to function and move forward with any positivity.  

Even finding the strength to make an appointment can seem impossible task, and yet taking that brave first step can provide a tranquil place where you can be heard, in a warm, kind, friendly environment. 

This therapeutic alliance ensures we move at your pace and enables you to talk about anything and everything to make sense of thoughts and feelings you are having. 

This combined integrative therapy will provide a vast range of therapeutic approaches to allow you to look to the future with some hope and positivity. 

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