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Personal Identity

low self-esteem, self-worth and body image

In today’s digital world the pressure to look perfect, have a perfect body image and be living the perfect life can be extremely stressful. This unrealistic view can be incredibly damaging to our self-image, self-worth and ultimately our self-esteem. The pressure to compete with friends, family and colleagues to portray this perfect lifestyle can lead to anxiety and depression. 

Lifestyle runs at a fast pace, twenty-four seven we can access social media and the internet, leaving little time to stop and recharge. This constant motion leaves many of us tired, feeling run down and fed-up this creates both stress and anxiety. 

Using a combined counselling approach underpinned with ‘Person Centred’ at the heart of every therapy session, working together we will explore what is going on for you right now, using a Psychodynamic approach with a combination of other therapies such as Solution focused therapy, together we will uncover many ways to move forward and enjoy a positive more confident you. 

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