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Relationship counselling

including overcoming divorce and related issues

Relationships can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, however, when they break down, the pain can be unbearable. As a survivor of divorce, I can relate to this with painful truth. Dealing with a breakup can be very traumatic, emotions run high, we can feel every emotion from despair, anger, hurt to self-doubt, and subsequently then suffer from low self-esteem. Finding hope can seem an impossible task. 

Other relationship issues such as verbal, physical or mental abuse or gender identity related issues can leave a person feeling very alone, trapped, scared and judged. Often this can lead to depression or feeling suicidal. 

Whatever the issue counselling can provide a listening, non-judgemental ear for you to talk open and honestly while in a warm, friendly, safe environment. An integrative counselling approach provides a wealth of knowledge and tools which enable us both to work together and allow you to move forward with whatever relationship issue you have more positively. 

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