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Anxiety and Depression

including Generalised Anxiety

Anxiety can own us, it can stop us doing things we could enjoy, it interferes with our daily lives and interrupts our sleep, anxiety gnaws away constantly and takes over. My aim is to uncover what might be the root cause, through integrative counselling we will explore what’s going on for you. We will use strategies to dispel unhelpful thinking patterns, we will look at different ways to rationalise and disperse fear. Once you have gone through the counselling process YOU will own your life and be able to move forward more positively.


Depression can be debilitating, scary and suffocating. We tend to become more and more introverted, isolating ourselves which only leads to more darkness. Life can feel hopeless, we can feel like the walls are closing in, that no one understands and when it gets too much, ending it seems a viable option. Through counselling we will work together using a range of therapies such as Psychodynamic theory including defense mechanisms and free association to unlock the subconscious, using a wide range of counselling concepts you will gain a deep understanding of yourself by uncovering constructs and thinking patterns, how you communicate with others and how you see yourself this will be uncovered using Transactional Analysis theory. This will all be underpinned by Person centred exploring your self-esteem and self-concept. Through the counselling process we will breakdown this brick wall and start a new more positive journey.  

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